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Who is MaxYield Cooperative?

Yes, I have landed a summer internship with MaxYield Cooperative this summer… what, you are not from northern Iowa and do not know who MaxYield is? Well before I start blogging for the summer, let’s get you caught up on who MaxYield is, what they do, and where I fit into the mix.

Agricultural cooperatives were first formed because the founders understood that the power and strength of many producers doing business together was greater than doing business alone. MaxYield is an Agricultural Cooperative, headquartered in West Bend, Iowa (See Google Map Here!), and has 18 total facilities located across north central Iowa.

MaxYield’s vision is: We see more in your fields.

What this means is that MaxYield Cooperative prides itself on being more than just a provider of stuff; rather MaxYield is a solutions provider. They provide solutions for many different agricultural areas including grain, agronomy, energy, and feed.

My mentor for the summer is Greg Sweeney, East Area Seed Solutions Specialist. My seed & agronomy internship falls within the agronomy aspects of MaxYield Cooperative; which includes, but is in no way limited to, crop scouting, selling seed, seed treatment, and seed plots. Of course, hopefully by the end of the summer I get to dip my hand into every aspect of MaxYield’s business. More on all of this to come!

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