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Gearing Up

Welcome! I’m a student in Cornell’s Agricultural Science major, getting ready to graduate in December. This summer, I’m working for – and blogging about – the Small Farms Program and the Organic Dairy Initiative. As an intern, I have the opportunity to learn these programs inside and out by:

  • organizing renewable energy field days and organic dairy field days;
  • profiling the renewable energy strategies of farms;
  • assisting with a field trial to test the incorporation of brassicas into pasture;
  • profiling small dairies;
  • assisting with editing the Small Farms Quarterly;
  • updating relevant websites

The list may change, of course; one of the qualifications for the job is “willingness to learn quickly and work in a flexible environment.”

I’ll be keeping my own blog and publishing excerpts here. Check out Small Farms Program Intern for more!

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