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Communicating TCi work through digital shorts: the MNDA story

“To solve the world’s most pressing problems, people do not need more volumes of information and knowledge, they need to acquire the capacity to talk to each other across the boundaries of culture, religion and language…{that kind of} dialogue is an extremely difficult form of speech.”

-Hamlink, C (2002)

Development communications is a critical component of international development work. The use of communication processes, techniques and media can help people toward a full awareness of their situation and enable them to identify options for change. It can aid in conflict resolution, consensus-building, and knowledge acquisition that can improve livelihoods and make institutions more effective (Fraser and Restrepro-Estrada 1998).

Beyond the quantitative and qualitative skills necessary to conduct research (say, data collection, analysis and research design), TCi works to facilitate opportunities for staff and scholars to communicate their research and findings more effectively–and to learn how to listen and facilitate the kind of dialogue that can help make change.

TCi runs or collaborates to provide a number of “short courses” and seminars throughout the semester that can help individuals gain experience in science communication. In the spring of 2014, TCi joined with Homelands Productions to offer a short course on video storytelling for TCi scholars and research staff. The purpose was to equip researchers with skills to create compelling 2-4 minute short videos that can help them convey research and fieldwork findings to larger audiences. The TCi video storytelling workshops and projects are continuing in the fall of 2014 and beyond.

During the June and July, our TCi interns experimented with creating these 2-4 minute videos (see link below). In the video below, Christian Delrado-Owens shoots and narrates a short video on the MNDA work that’s currently underway in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. We’re looking forward to a few more videos directed by Christian and other TCi staff/students later this fall!

TCi Video: Pilot Testing the MNDA in Andhra Pradesh


Hamelink, C. (2002). ‘Social Development, Information and Knowledge: Whatever Happened to Communication?’ Development, Journal of the Society for International Development 45(4): 5-9.

Fraser, C., Restrepo-Estrada, S. (1998). Communicating for Development: Human Change for Survival. London and New York: I.B. Tauris.


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