Squash Hunger-Fresh Food For All


Since 2004, Capital Roots’ Squash Hunger program has worked with local farms and producers throughout the Region to harvest surplus crops for distribution to area food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters.  With help from a corps of dedicated volunteers, in 2017 we redistributed 74,057 pounds of produce with more than 50,000 of those pounds coming from local farmers and producers!

When you host a gleaning with us, Capital Roots’ staff and trained volunteers come to your farm prepared to harvest surplus crops from your fields.  We have the knowledge and resources to get the job done with little effort on your part besides directing us to the fields/rows to be gleaned.  If you have surplus crops already harvested, we will gladly come and collect those crops – just a phone call or email to our Squash Hunger Coordinator to set a date/time is necessary.

All produce donations received are weighed, documented, and delivered to community feeding programs around the Capital Region. Your farm is protected from liability under the Good Samaritan Act and Capital Roots can provide a receipt for claiming the new Farm to Food Bank tax credit.  Gleanings can be scheduled any day of the week, including weekends!  If we can’t harvest it all in one day, we are always willing to come back as many times as needed.

Please contact Capital Roots about working with us to help Squash Hunger in the Capital Region!  If you’re interested in setting up a gleaning, donating already harvested produce, or you just have questions about how this would work on your farm, please call Cheryl Whilby at 518-274-8685 ext. 115 or email squashhunger@capitalroots.org.  We look forward to working with you!


Local farms who partnered with Squash Hunger in 2017 included: 

Alleged Farm              Windflower Farm        Saratoga Apple           Black Creek Farm

Indian Ladder              Slack Hollow Farm      Crandall’s Corners      Denison Farm

Engel’s Acres               Best Berry Farm          Buhrmaster’s              Wellington’s Herbs


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