Welcome to our program, which is located at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva. Our work focuses on conducting and interpreting current research on fruit insect pests that can be used by many audiences, including the commercial fruit industry, campus- and county-based Cornell Cooperative Extension personnel, private consultants, government and regulatory agencies, research and extension colleagues in neighboring states and provinces, and the public sector. Our areas of research cover a variety of topics, all of which center on the discovery and implementation of new pest management information that is of immediate use to our extension audience. Major efforts include evaluating seasonal pest management programs, such as through the use of newer selective insecticides, pheromone mating disruption, and biological control, as well as new developments in pesticide application technology, sampling and monitoring, and invasive insect pests. This information is extended to the tree fruit industry in grower meetings, on-farm demonstrations, and through conventional and web-based information resources including guidelines, newsletters, reference publications, trade articles, and decision support systems.
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