London’s West End Theatre District

London’s West End Musicals needs no introduction. Similar to the Broadway in New-York, London’s west-end is one of the cities best attractions.

The below website shows the musicals currently playing:

I am using one theatre and my favorite musical as an example: Queens Theatre- Les Misérables.


Space for theatres is implicit where a theatre is broken down into a seating plan based on the distance (visibility) to the stage. In the case of the Queen’s theatre, space is initially broken down into three sections based on proximity to the stage: Stalls, Dress-Circle, and Upper-Circle. The sections are further broken down into rows and seat numbers.

So other than the actual show, the theatre also sells Programs detailing the show, memorabilia, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that are served at various bars in the theatre and food served at the bars and by ushers inside the theatre.

Musicals sell time implicitly based on a set time for a performance.

Traditionally all musicals in London are shown six days a week Monday to Saturday from 7.30pm. Two Matinee shows are also shown on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 2.30pm.

Theatres use physical rate fences by pricing their seats based on location and visibility with respect to the stage. So prices are differentiated for Stalls, Dress-Circle and Upper-Circle. Prices are also further broken down for visibility, charging lower fares for restricted visibility and standing.

Non-physical rate fences include non-refundable tickets, different pricing for matinee and evening shows and pricing based on lead time to booking.

Other rate fences could include seasonality, day of the week, booking channel, demographics, and bulk bookings. Packaging of food and beverages into ticket pricing and of course mixing hotel, theatre and travel prices together.