Well folks, this is it

Sunday I graduated— I sat with thousands of my peers in Schoellkopf Stadium, and listened as the deans of all the undergraduate and graduate programs bestowed degrees upon the sea of black robes and grinning faces. Mostly I just felt hot and sweaty under the yards of heavy black fabric (and seriously, those hats make everyone look silly!), but as I moved my tassel from the right to the left side of my silly hat, I felt like I’d accomplished something. Later at the ceremony for my major, as the head of my department read the names and bios of my 20 fellow American Studies students, I was awed by how grown up everyone looked, and how impressive their resumes were.

Check out my awesome honors cords!
Check out my awesome honors cords!

We’ve done a good job, all of us, and we deserve to celebrate four years of hard work (sometimes) and priceless experiences. The weekend was actually a bit stressful, since I had to be moved out of my apartment by Monday, and saying goodbye to my housemates of two years was really tough. I hate goodbyes (so this post will be brief!)— but I’m really glad that I’m not saying it to Ithaca just yet, and many of my other friends are sticking around at least for the summer.

Honestly, three days later it still hasn’t really sunk in that my career as an undergrad is over, and my life is going to change drastically forever. I don’t know what I’ll be doing next year, or the year after that, but I will always think of Ithaca and Cornell as a home. Two Cornell seniors made a video about the Cornell experience that captures well the way I’m feeling right now—

This Is from Alex Silver on Vimeo.

Well, that about wraps up my tenure as a Life on the Hill blogger. I have really enjoyed sharing my life and love of Cornell with all of you these last two years, and I hope that you’ve gotten something out of it as well. As always, please feel free to continue asking me questions about anything, and best of luck to all you prospective Cornellians out there— having just finished my Cornell experience, I can say with authority that it is worth it.

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