Shameless Self-Promotion

So as some of you may recall from last semester, I was working on an article for the Cornell Alumni Magazine on the use of technology on campus, and how it has changed the student experience. Well, after conducting around 15 different interviews (via cassette tape recorder, no less) and writing >5 drafts, the finished product is finally actually published, as a feature story in this month’s issue of the Alumni Magazine: Generation Tech

It was a long process, that began when I was hired as a summer intern for the Alumni Magazine last year, writing headlines and 3-sentence blurbs about various research endeavors on-campus. Over the course of the summer I was given longer assignments, until my editor gave me the chance to pitch some possible stories and I came up with the idea to look at the way that technology is now shaping the college experience. From that time, at the end of last summer, I spent all of fall semester working on my story, and I am extremely proud of the final article—  yes, I wrote the sidebars too! I am so grateful to the Alumni Magazine for giving me such an awesome opportunity to be published, and I hope you all enjoy the fruits of my labor!

15 thoughts on “Shameless Self-Promotion”

  1. hmmm… While I can see the reason for this title and even the humor involved, this was not what I was expecting to read when I saw it in my RSS.
    Congrats on the publication

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