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With spring break just days away, we have reached the halfway marker in this, my last semester of college (ahhh!!!!). Prelims have been popping their nasty little heads in many of my classes, forcing me to actually reflect on what I’ve learned so far and actually synthesize all that material. It’s kind of ridiculous how hard it has been to motivate myself to study— since I’m taking so few classes (and two of them pass/fail), I haven’t really gotten into a rhythm with respect to my schoolwork, and I somehow ended up getting involved in way more stuff outside of class this semester than ever before, which it turns out is incredibly time consuming.

Since I last blogged about my courses I have gone through yet ANOTHER significant schedule change— when the Technology course I was taking proved to be an unfortunate waste of time, I scrambled to figure out a way to drop it and still manage to graduate on time. Resourceful student that I am, I recalled those sneaky AP exams that I took in high school and realized that I haven’t actually used any of them as credits towards my graduation. After I took care of that, I had plenty of credits to graduate, so I was able to drop that class and reclaim Fridays for my own. Success! I also added a one credit independent study with the chair of the American Studies department, Professor Mary Katzenstein, for which I am compiling a bibliography of prison-related information for the Cornell Prison Education Program reunion in April.

In addition to my courses, I am also volunteering for the Cornell Prison Education Program (CPEP), as a teaching assistant for a course on Individual Rights and the Constitution in a medium security prison. I also write and conduct interviews for the Cornell Alumni Magazine and the Weill Cornell Medicine Magazine— now that I officially get paid for my work there, I think I can call myself a freelance writer?  Then there’s FemSex, the Female Sexuality Workshop, which is a student group that meets to discuss the role of female sexuality in society. And, of course, my beloved job as a Campus Tour Guide, as well as this blog. Not to mention the job hunt, which is ongoing, as well as my obsession with live music, which is time-consuming enough to merit its own spot in my collection of extracurricular activities.

I really cannot believe how fast the semester is going by. And while I am extremely excited for my break plans, which include spending time with good friends and making a stop at Disney World in Orlando, FL (here comes the sun!), I am not so eager about what happens after spring break. Namely, the hardest part of the semester academically, and then, much scarier for me and many of my fellow second semester seniors, the end of the semester…

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