The Moment I Knew Cornell Was Right for Me

A header image showing Brendon, a student intern, and the Cornell clock tower

By: Brendon Gauthier, CALS ’21

There are hundreds, no thousands of colleges to choose from and apply to. With a number like that, it is easy to question your worth and fit for a college. You should not be trying to fit yourself to a college, you should be trying to find a college that fits you. If everyone was meant to go to the same college, then there would only be one. That being said, let me tell you how I knew Cornell was right for me.

I always wanted to attend a college out of state. I knew I wanted my college to have lots of people, due to my people-person personality. I wanted to interact with as many people as I could while also being able to be alone when I wanted to. I am a country boy from Opelousas, Louisiana, so I had to have a rural setting in my college experience. I also knew I wanted to attend a college that my parents would not have to pay for. Searching for colleges, I was shown the “Glorious to View” video, and I was introduced to Cornell.

I was taken away instantly at the opening scenery and music of the video, beautiful and peaceful. Throughout the video, I found myself keen on the voices and messages being delivered. That focus was very different from the focus I gave other colleges. I gave careful thought to every action and scene being shown in the video. Days passed and I saw the commercial for the “Vet School” on Nat Geo, Cornell’s veterinary school show. The show featured veterinary school students, Aziza Glass, Aria Hill and Singen Elliott being my favorites, who were progressing through veterinary school. Seeing the way that the instruction was taught so creatively and lively sealed the deal. I knew I wanted to become a Cornell student.

There are more reasons I chose Cornell, but those were the most prominent in my application decision. Knowing what you want to experience in college, academically and socially, are the focal points to use. Colleges each have their own resources and academic greatness. What sets them apart are the people within them. Cornell has fantastic, life- and perspective-changing students and faculty that I think are the ultimate reason for me choosing the place I am proud to call my home away from home.