Attention Young Alumni: Join the Alumni Network!

An alum poses with a statue of Ezra Cornell

By: Amanda Madenberg, HE ’20

Attention Young Alumni:

What would you think if you were given the unique opportunity to help recruit and shape new incoming classes of Cornellians?

Well, the opportunity has finally arrived, and you can now join our alumni ambassador network!

If you were involved in any ambassador group as a Cornell student, including BRAM (Big Red Ambassadors) through the Undergraduate Admissions Office, the Office of Visitor Relations group, or any College’s specific ambassador group, you have a unique opportunity to continue your service for Cornell after you graduate. But even if you weren’t involved in these groups as an undergraduate student, joining CAAAN can be a rewarding experience.

Think back to your days as a prospective student. Perhaps you applied to Cornell through the Early Decision program, or maybe you were faced with choosing Cornell from among several other colleges in April. Regardless, you probably remember the individuals who eventually influenced your decision to choose Cornell.

The Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network is a group of alumni who volunteer their time to help answer questions for prospective students. Members’ primary responsibility is having “contact meetings” with prospective students. These meetings are not interviews; instead, they are an opportunity in which alumni get to know prospective students on a one-to-one basis. After the meeting, alumni will log on to the CAAAN web platform to record that they were able to meet with the applicants who were assigned to them. The purpose of these meetings is two-fold. They serve as ways for prospective students to connect with Cornell prior to hearing their admissions decision to ask any questions they have and also for you to share your campus experiences. This helps provide a very personal way to enhance Cornell’s recruitment efforts. The meetings take place beginning in mid-October when early decision starts and run through regular decision, wrapping up at the end of February.

You may be wondering if you have to live in a particular city or part of the world to take part in this group. Lucky for Cornell, its alumni live all over the world. There are committees of CAAAN volunteers that span every corner of the United States, as well as cities and countries abroad. Alumni in each individual committee report to their region’s Committee Chair, which is a potential leadership opportunity for further involvement in CAAAN once you have proven yourself as a dedicated volunteer.

Aside from getting to know prospective Cornell students, joining CAAAN offers many benefits. You will meet alumni from various class years near or within your post-graduation city, whom you otherwise may not have met. You may have opportunities for leadership, such as serving as a CAAAN committee chair or co-chair. And, if you are invited to participate on the C’AC board, which is a group of particularly dedicated CAAAN leaders, you will visit the Ithaca Cornell campus, as well as other cities and states, for board meetings throughout the year. Most importantly, joining CAAAN is an incredible way to keep up with Cornell Admission policies and the happenings of your beloved alma mater. This is a great and fulfilling way to stay current and informed as you help Cornell to recruit the very brightest minds of our generation. If you loved your college experience, why not share your Cornell story to inspire high school students hoping to follow in the very footsteps that you helped to forge?