My Daily (Thursday) Routine at Cornell

By Carlos A. Ventura


My name is Carlos Ventura. I am originally from the Bronx, NY and made Ithaca my home over two years ago. As a third-year student at the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University, I am pursuing a double concentration in Marketing and Finance. After two years at Cornell, I have learned the importance of planning out your day. Although each day is slightly different, there are some important activities I always try to incorporate into my daily routine. It’s another typical Thursday at Cornell, so let’s see what’s on the schedule for today:


9:15 AM          The Wake-Up

My day typically begins around 9:15 in the morning. It’s important to wake up a little early to eat breakfast. At home, I grab a bowl of cereal or a bagel with cream cheese (something quick that will suffice until lunch) before heading out for my day. Because I live off-campus, I also need to give myself about 15 minutes to walk to class.


10:00 AM        Class Time: Intermediate Accounting I

As a business student, I am required to take certain business courses. Though it may seem specific, Intermediate Accounting is applicable in various fields of Finance and Accounting. In the lecture, the professor goes through a PowerPoint of important concepts and techniques. The students are then asked to apply what we have learned in our biweekly homework assignments. We are required to answer a set of online questions that pertain to the topics covered in the lecture. It is a great tool for gauging your understanding of a given topic. Overall, I enjoy this class and look forward to applying it in my future career.


11:30 AM         Time for Work

I am a Diversity Outreach Intern at Cornell’s Undergraduate Admissions Office (UAO). The team is responsible for reaching out to and encouraging multicultural and other underrepresented students to consider Cornell. The office works closely with community-based organizations and multicultural high schools to provide opportunities for students and their families to interact with the Cornell community. As an intern, I answer admissions inquiries via phone and email and assist with outreach programs. I also serve as a Diversity Ambassador for Cornell, which means I advocate for diversity at various events. The Diversity Outreach Team is making plenty of headway in ensuring that Cornell supports underrepresented students in the admissions process.


2:00 PM          Lunch!

My go-to lunch spot is Trillium. This on-campus hall offers burgers, pasta, salad, and, my favorite, burritos. Trillium is a very popular eatery on campus, especially for students who want to get lunch during a small break between classes. Even though they offer the same options every day, it’s too good to resist.


3:00 PM          Class Time: Organizational Behavior

Like many classes at Cornell, Organizational Behavior is a lecture-style course. During this lecture, the professor goes through a PowerPoint of important topics. However, students are expected to read and write a reflection on an article before class. The professor then takes the time to discuss topics, which were brought up in the readings, in further detail. There are no exams. Instead, two papers account for a large portion of our grade. Although unorthodox, this is a very enjoyable class that presents a number of interesting issues within organizations.


4:30 PM          E-Board Meeting

I am the Marketing & Publicity Coordinator for CU IMAGE. This student-run organization hosts prospective students of color and works closely with the Diversity Outreach Team to put on programs that benefit high school students. Every Thursday, the executive board (e-board) meets to discuss our plans for the near future. We create social events for the Cornell community as well as plan for high school students visiting Cornell. We help UAO accommodate prospective students in any way possible. Specifically, CU IMAGE matches hosts and prospective students for overnight visits and holds events to teach visitors what it’s like being a student at Cornell. These events include informative discussions, tours, and fun activities with current students. All of this planning is done during e-board meetings.


6:00 PM          Study Session I

Due to my involvement throughout the day, I reserve all of my homework and studying for the evening. As a Cornellian, you likely have something to work on every day. I have assignments due every week on top of projects and exams scattered throughout the semester. Therefore, it is important to have a strategy. I construct a plan that involves study/homework goals for the day. I like to decide what I plan to do and how long it should take. This strategy is useful when I have multiple assignments. Although it’s a rough estimate, I know I am procrastinating if I take too long. By budgeting my time well, I give myself enough time to complete several assignments and enjoy Cornell’s campus.


7:30 PM          Dinner!

My favorite place for dinner on campus is Cook Dining Hall. Located on West Campus, Cook offers cuisines from different cultures every day. Thursday is Asian night, which means students enjoy dishes like Thai Red Curry Vegetables, Vietnamese Banh Mi, and Japanese Yakisoba. I appreciate Cook’s ability to bring students a taste of the world.


8:30 PM          Study Session II

Similar to Study Session I, I work on any homework I may have not finished. If I have any upcoming projects or exams, I strategize the best course of action. I like to plan out my day for tomorrow and the week to come. This helps me remain focused and accomplish my study/homework goals. Some of my favorite places to do homework are Olin Library, Mann Library, and Cook House Basement. After dinner, I like to look for a nearby study space. Luckily, all of the West Campus dorms have plenty of study lounges for students to use. I prefer heading downstairs to the basement where I can find a quiet room to do work alone or with friends.


10:30 PM         Gym Time

When it’s time to work out, Noyes Community Center has everything I need. First, I like to go to Noyes fitness center, usually spending 45 minutes to an hour using various machines. Cornell’s fitness centers aren’t huge, but they have plenty of equipment for a good workout. I can run on a treadmill, lift dumbbells, or use the pull-up bar. Either way, I get the chance to work on myself and relieve some stress. I also like to go downstairs to the Noyes basketball court. I can meet up with some friends or just shoot around for 30 minutes. I think it’s important to always stay active, whether that be through sports or the fitness center. I spend time conditioning my body and staying healthy despite my course load. For me, physical activities are essential to being happy.


12:00 AM        Chill Time

This is my time to relax. I set aside non-pressing responsibilities and take time out of the day for myself. That usually involves watching TV and playing some video games before bed. It is a great way to end the day!


1:00 AM          Time for Bed

Need I say more?