Tips for your College Search

McGraw Tower, Uris Library, Ho Plaza, and Cayuga Lake in the background.









With thousands of colleges and universities in the United States, students have many options to consider in their college search. As you continue to gather information about different schools this summer, it may be helpful to keep these general tips in mind:

1.) Get organized. Every college and university will have their own admissions process and timeline. Save key websites. Write down information you learn from conversations with admission representatives or from campus visits. You don’t want to miss out on your dream school because you weren’t organized.

2.) Consider what is most important to you. Think broadly about how different academic programs fit your personal and professional goals. Consider the environments that make you most comfortable but will also challenge you to grow. And update this list as you get new information over the next few months.

3.) Get answers. Ask the detailed questions about those things that truly matter to you. Don’t hesitate to contact an admissions counselor directly. Or find out how you can email with current students to help you better understand their experiences. Be sure to take good notes!

4.) Make the best decision for you and your future. Think about how colleges and universities will prepare you for the years to come. Research information about ways each university can meet your holistic needs. Be sure to ask questions about financial aid, scholarships, and affordability.

Your undergraduate education is the next step in your exciting journey. Enjoy your search!