NYS HEOP/EOP: You are not alone.


By Jonathan Sanchez ’17

Being an EOP student at Cornell has allowed me to appreciate the support and guidance that I have received from the program. The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) and Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) are programs designated to help students from underrepresented and low-income backgrounds to succeed at Cornell.

Both HEOP and EOP are housed under the Office of Academic Diversity and Initiatives (OADI). OADI is a great place to study and the staff is always so welcoming to everyone. Also, the tremendous resources such as access to computer labs, tutoring services, free printing, and weekly lunches has made it a second home for many students.

As an EOP/HEOP student, you are assigned a counselor who will meet various times with you to discuss your academic progress and to check-in on how you are doing. What I truly love about this is that the counselors are genuine and caring, which makes you feel comfortable talking to them about anything. Whether you are struggling with a class or celebrating a grade on an exam, they will be there for you.

Furthermore, I remember that one year my laptop stopped functioning properly and this was difficult for me because I had assignments to finish. Thankfully, as an EOP student I was allowed to check-out a laptop to borrow for a couple of weeks, while I figured out my computer situation. Later, after realizing that it would be best to purchase a new laptop, I was able to obtain a loan as an EOP student in order to buy a brand new computer. Overall, my counselors were very helpful and prevented me from stressing out mid-way into the semester.

In addition, OADI cares that students are not only succeeding at Cornell, but also learning the professional skills needed to succeed after Cornell. That is why every year they host a trip to the Syracuse Mall and hold a lesson about how to dress professionally on a budget. It is events like these that really give students the opportunity to learn something new, while making it fun as well. I went on it my freshman year with my friends and can definitely say that it was worth it.

Finally, rest assured that being an EOP/HEOP student at Cornell is definitely an amazing opportunity. Cornell is a challenging place where you will be pushed, but as an HEOP/EOP student you will have a strong network of individuals who will be there to support you along the way.

To learn more about the New York State Opportunity Programs visit: https://oadi.cornell.edu/programs/student-opportunity-programs/arthur-o-eve.html