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Regular Decision Deadline Extended

Cornell University’s regular decision deadline has been extended to midnight (EST) on January 9. This deadline has been extended for all application materials, including school forms, recommendations, required portfolios for the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, and required interviews for the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning and for the School of Hotel Administration.

We hope that by communicating this extension well in advance of the deadline, students and counselors will have appropriate time to surmount any application or submission obstacles that they might encounter in the application process.

Frequent updates will be posted on Admissions News ( and Blog ( to share the most up-to-date application information.

2 thoughts on “Regular Decision Deadline Extended

  1. Esther – The application deadline is based on EST, but we suggest you submit your application in advance of the deadline.

  2. Would you please confirm whether midnight deadline is EST as shown above or based on the local time zone. Common app indicated that the deadline time is based on local time zone. We are located in California, so am I ok to submit by 11:59 pm on Jan 9 my time or by 8:59pm?

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