The Lynah Faithful

I watched the Cornell vs. Harvard hockey game from my living room couch on Friday night. I can promise that the TV broadcast was not as exciting as the live game, so I asked Mikey Hintsa ’15 to blog from Lynah Rink for you!

Mikey Hintsa, a sophomore from Connecticut, is studying in the School of Hotel Administration. As a member of the Cornell Ambassadors and the Lynah Faithful, he overflows with Big Red spirit! 

Nothing brings Cornell together quite like hockey traditions and checking the Crimson into the boards.

What I’m referring to, of course, is the annual Cornell versus Harvard hockey game at Lynah Rink. This Ivy League rivalry dates back to 1910 and is the single most anticipated sporting event on Cornell’s campus each year. This past Friday I had the pleasure of cheering on the Big Red from the rowdy student section of Lynah Rink.

From the moment the Harvard players take the ice, as with every Cornell hockey game, the crowd was energized and rambunctious for the rest of the game. The game continued with the normal Cornell hockey traditions of standing through the entire game, mocking the Harvard goalie, cheering and singing with the Big Red Pep Band, and singing the alma mater arm-in-arm. Despite the sour result in the end (a 4-1 loss), the enthusiasm never stopped. Through the third period whenever a Harvard player was checked hard and sent flying, the crowd roared. Also, this game was broadcasted on the NBC Sports Network and I personally had some airtime pointing at the camera.

This is my second year as a season ticket holder, and I can safely say it is one of the most valuable investments I have made here. If you are visiting Cornell during the hockey season and on a weekend, I would highly recommend getting tickets and experiencing the Lynah Faithful for yourself. We are crazy and loud and it brings out the best Cornell spirit that I have experienced. All I can say is that I can’t wait for the next Harvard game with more cheers, boos, and Cornell traditions.