University-Wide Business Minor

I know that many blog readers will be excited to learn about Cornell’s new business minor for undergraduate students! Associate Director of Admissions Susie Schneider ’91, shares the details with you.

Susie Schneider '91
Susie Schneider ’91

I first visited Cornell during a snowstorm in 1987 and fell in love with the campus and community. I majored in English in Cornell’s College of Arts & Sciences and have consistently returned to Ithaca since graduation for different opportunities: I worked as an assistant track and cross country coach as a young alumni and bounded into the admissions profession 15 years ago. I have loved watching Cornell’s evolution since my time as an undergraduate, and I’m jealous of the wonderful opportunities the students have today.

One of the great things about Cornell is its responsiveness to the ever-changing academic interests of our students. The latest example of this is the introduction of a new University-Wide Business Minor (UBM), which will be available to all students graduating in May 2014 or later. Many Cornell students already graduate with a smattering of business courses, and many others graduate with a degree that inherently contains a business focus. The UBM will allow any Cornell student the opportunity to study key business concepts, frameworks, and methods and also receive recognition on the transcript of a proficiency in business.

If you are interested in the opportunity to pursue the UBM, please remember that students do not declare an interest in a minor anywhere on their Cornell application. In addition, students who have high school AP credit or college transfer credit in either statistics or economics may place out of some of the prerequisite courses to qualify for the UBM.

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