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Last September, I posted a blog that answered some of your most frequently asked questions about early decision. Well, 146 comments later, it is one of the most popular blogs I have posted. To continue the conversation, here are some tips to keep in mind as you consider applying to Cornell University early decision:

  • Cornell University offers a binding early decision program. As part of the agreement, if you are admitted to Cornell, you must withdraw any applications you have filed at other colleges or universities. (Cornell does not offer an early action program)
  • Submit your application materials by November 1, including your SAT/ACT and Subject Test scores (if required by the college or school you are applying to).
  • After you have submitted your application, activate your self-service account and check your email for important messages from Cornell.
  • If you are applying for financial aid, be sure to submit your materials by the Office of Financial Aid’s deadlines.
  • Early decision applicants will be notified of their decisions in mid-December.

I know that the beginning of the school year is very busy for seniors and their parents and the early decision deadline is right around the corner. If you have any questions about the early decision process, please do not hesitate to contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office. We’re here to help!

88 thoughts on “A Blog for Early Decision Applicants

  1. I have applied as a First Year student last year and I want to apply I as a transfer now. Do I need to sent my SAT scores again ?

  2. I have been admitted ED and have sent in my deposit. Do I still need to send a mid-year transcript or a final transcript to Cornell for their review?

  3. Hi, I was accepted ED and I was just wondering how much do you think our grades can drop without our acceptance rescinded. Obviously passing our classes is necessary, but will receiving D’s or C’s negatively effect our enrollment for the fall?

  4. Deferredddd, I encourage you to contact the School of Hotel Administration about your application and the review process.

  5. Hi I was deferred ed from the hotel school, and I was wondering the accepted numbers. is there a place i can find them?

  6. Im so excited that I have been accepted to Cornell. Could you give me the exact dates for Cornell Day 2013? I want to book my plane tickets. Thanks.

  7. AcceptedED, you do not have to submit a mid-year report. However, Cornell does require a final grade report from all enrolling students and it will be reviewed to ensure you have successfully completed your coursework.

  8. Anonymous, typically we recommend that postponed applicants send mid-year grades and any updated information they would like to share with the selection committee. Some postponed applicants will be admitted regular decision and some will not, it is impossible to predict the outcome at this time.

  9. PicoDeGallo, postponed applicants are now considered part of Cornell’s regular decision pool. Admissions staff are willing to talk to you about what information is helpful for you to share with the selection committee. January is not too late for updated grades.

  10. I recently got accepted under the Early Decision Program, and was wondering whether I will have to submit a mid-year report. If yes, then is my admission conditional (dependent upon the marks I continue to receive)?

  11. Hi,

    I am an international ED applicant. My decision has been deferred to the regular decision cohort. How many applicants in a similar situation to me ultimately got enrolled into Cornell? Do I need to send in anything else to bolster my application?

    Thanks a lot!

  12. What is the ultimate admission rate of deferred applicants? Is it the same as regular admission applicants? Will admission officers make comments about what were weaknesses to the application, if asked? My first semester grades will not come out until late January. Is that too late?

  13. Hello, I am an ED applicant. Are we suppose to receive an email from you guys about the ID and password to check if we are accepted? Well If we were suppose to.. I am in a big trouble I guess because I never got one.

  14. Hi, I am an ED applicant and I forgot to send in my parent’s Tax papers, but I filled out the CSS profile.
    Will that affect my acceptance?

  15. CK507, your grades will be added to your application materials as soon as they are received. Rest assured, Cornell selection committees are aware of possible delays this year.

  16. Hi,

    When will the early decision results for the class of 2017
    be declared?
    I know last year it was Dec 8th, a Thursday. Is the notification date changed due to the delayed ED deadline?

    Thank you!

  17. I applied ED to Cornell. I have my application account set up, but I have not received any emails from Cornell updating me on my application status or if the admissions office has received my application. As well, I do not have any check-list…it just says that my application is being reviewed. Is this normal?

    Thank you so much for your assistance.

  18. Dear TW34,

    My school is runs on a trimester basis and because of Hurricane Sandy 1st term grades will only be sent by my school on December 1. I really would like admissions to see this grade report as I have done significantly better than last year (I transferred as a new junior into a rather rigorous prep school). When it has been sent should I notify admissions to take note of it? Or is it just unlucky and too late for my grades to get seen?



  19. Please when will Cornell ED notification be out???!!!! P.S. I’m an international student who submitted the College Board international fin-aid application because Credit cards are not accepted from my country. Do I submit the bank statement before or after the award, because in my check application status I don’t see any financial aid to do list. Why is that?

  20. should i send my quarter 1 grades if all my materials have already been sent to the admissions staff for review?

    also, if i am applying to the ilr school, will an alumni interview be factored into my decision?

  21. Bartleby, your application status will not change after your materials have been sent to the admissions staff for review. You will receive an email in early December with instructions for viewing your online decision. ED applicants may be deferred to regular decision and are able to contact the admissions office for more information at that time.

  22. Hi, I’m also an ED applicant, and it says on the Self Service System that “[my] application has been forwarded to the admissions staff for review.” Do I have to check the application status until mid-December? Also, does Cornell defer any ED applicants? If so, what more does Cornell expect to see from a deferred applicant, other than a mid-year report?

  23. On the web page you gave me,it says that it will review spplications without subject test. What happens if i just wanted to send extra subject test? Should i email the admissions office that i cant take one of the subject test listed that i would take?

  24. Hello, my first term for school just recently ended so I should be sending in my first term grades next week. When is the latest we can submit them by? There was a bit of a dilemma at my school for the grades of students for a class so some things are being changed and so I’m not sure when my grades will be ready to be sent. Also, when they are ready, should my counselor just email my grades to admissions@cornell.edu?

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