Cornell in Your Hometown

Fall is a busy time for all of us. For you, it means being back at school, which means homework, along with club meetings, sports practices, rehearsals…and, or course, the search for the right college. For those of us in admissions, it means greeting visitors on campus, responding to email, answering phone calls, and traveling around the world to meet you and share information. Cornell’s travel season begins later this week in Atlanta, Georgia, followed by a week of programs in Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

The upcoming programs are all joint travel with other universities. Cornell travels extensively with a group called Exploring Educational Excellence (EEE). The five universities (Cornell, Brown University, Columbia University, Rice University, and the University of Chicago) have the opportunity to share information about their own institution, as well as offer insight into the selective admissions process. You will also see that we are traveling jointly with Bryn Mawr College, Barnard College, Vanderbilt, and the University of Virginia this fall. Occasionally we will offer Cornell Near You events hosted exclusively by Cornell Undergraduate Admissions.

A complete list of where Cornell will be this fall is on our Cornell in Your Hometown webpage. You can also find programs on our Events Calendar. Simply select “Cornell Near You” on the calendar and view the programs by date. We will be adding a few more locations to our itinerary this fall, so be sure to check the Admissions News for updates. We hope to see you in (or near) your hometown!

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  1. Hi, earlier this week, I registered for the event in Atlanta, Georgia on September 7th. But I haven’t received any email confirming the registration as oppsoed to the statement on the RSVP website. Will I be able to attend the event or should I contact the university for confirmation? Thank you!

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