Visiting Cornell?

Summer is a wonderful time to visit Cornell. Reba McCutcheon,Visit Experience Coordinator, shares the basics for planning a great day on campus and in Ithaca!

Reba McCutcheon '96, Associate Director

A huge fan of the Ithaca area, I’ve lived in the Finger Lakes region for most of my life. I enjoy the outdoors and take full advantage of the state parks, waterfalls, hiking and cross country skiing trails, and the local festivals and farmer’s markets. At Cornell, I advise the Cornell Ambassadors and the Red Carpet Society, two student groups that aim to make the campus visit experience positive and productive.  Majoring in communication, I graduated from Cornell’s Agriculture and Life Science College in ’96 and have been a staff member since ‘98.

Visit us this summer for the opportunity to attend an information session, tour the campus, sample our award-winning cuisine, and ask lots of questions.  If you’re here for a full day, consider seeking out some of the more quirky places that make Cornell unique. A brain collection, bug collection, a swaying bridge, sculpture and botanical gardens are just a few of our favorite things. Local ice cream and the rare and manuscript collections (not to be enjoyed at the same time!) are more of our favorite things. Step foot on campus and feel the history, the future, and the energy of discovery for yourself.

  • See you on Saturday. Saturday mornings the university Information Session is offered at 11 a.m. and covers the amazing academic opportunities at Cornell, student life, financial aid, the admissions process, and more. Campus tours are available both before (at 9 a.m.) and after (at 1 p.m.) the Information Session to meet your travel needs.
  • Spend the day. If you visit us on a weekday, you’ll have the opportunity to attend a college or school-hosted Information Session, and tour the campus. Weekday tours are offered at 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m., and 3 p.m. to make it possible for you to join the information session of your choice as well as enjoy a guided tour through the campus. College and school-hosted Information Sessions are offered primarily on Mondays and Fridays. Check out the schedule and register online at
  • Parking. When you arrive on campus, stop by a Visitor Parking and Information Booth (located at the main entrances to campus) to receive a complimentary parking permit, and instructions on where to park. We encourage visitors to allow 30 additional minutes to park and then walk to the tour or information session. Weekend parking is available in the Hoy Road parking garage.
  • Ask questions and get informed. During any campus visit, it’s important to go beyond the official face(s) of the University (for example, those leading the presentations and tours). We encourage you to ask questions of other students on campus. What’s the workload like? Are you involved in research or other activities? How’s the food, really? Anyone with a backpack is fair game! The more students you speak with, the greater your understanding of the Cornell experience will be.
  • Take notes, take pictures. After a few campus visits, all the buildings start to look the same, and you can easily forget which school has the bike share program and which school has free bus passes. So take notes to remember the facts, figures and features about each college you visit. And, take pictures so you can remember what each campus looks like (be sure to ask for permission before snapping a photo of a person!).
  • Enjoy Ithaca! No visit to Cornell is complete without exploring just a bit of all that Ithaca has to offer. The Finger Lakes are “gorges” in the summer and you can visit one of our many state parks, dine at some amazing restaurants, and listen to outstanding local music. Check out the Travel Companion to see for yourself how much there is to do here!

We hope to see you soon!