Dragon Day!

How do you parade a 100-foot dragon through Cornell’s campus? With amazing creativity and lots of fanfare!

Dragon Day 2012
Dragon Day 2012!

The coming of spring, and Cornell’s spring break, brings a favorite tradition—Dragon Day. During this annual event, the first-year Architecture students work together to build a dragon. How’s that for a school project?

The dragon project culminates in a campus-wide parade. The first-year architects actually get in, or underneath, the dragon and parade it through campus. It’s important to note here that the dragon is both powered, and stopped by, the students. It’s also important to note that Cornell’s campus is a bit hilly. The combination makes for a parade, and experience, unlike anything you’ve seen before.  All other architects (their Dragon Days gone by) dress in wild and impressively creative costumes, beat drums, dance, and provide a pre-parade experience. The Engineers show their Phoenix off in the classic standoff.

The Architects push on through Ho Plaza and to the Arts Quad where, after further fanfare, the dragon is ceremoniously beheaded. Until next year, Dragon Day!