How We Communicate With You

I know that this is the time of year when juniors start to get really excited to begin seriously looking at colleges. Prospective students interested in Cornell will find some great information in this post from Alicia Kornowa, Senior Associate Director.

Alicia Kornowa
Alicia Kornowa

For the past year, I’ve served as the Senior Associate Director of Admission for Communication at Cornell.  Previously, I worked at institutions in Florida and my home state, Michigan. Since joining Cornell, my husband and I have enjoyed exploring the beautiful and eclectic Ithaca and Finger Lakes area.

It will come as no surprise that with the beginning of the new year, many admissions offices hunker down to read thousands of admissions applications. What may be surprising is that admissions offices also gear up for recruiting high school juniors. For many juniors, the new year will bring a deluge of college and university publication materials. You’ll receive information from institutions you’ve never heard of…in places you never knew existed. If you’re following our blog, then you may be wondering what you’ll receive from Cornell. Read on!

Last spring, Cornell’s Undergraduate Admissions Office launched a new website. Our goal was to make Cornell information more easily accessible to prospective students and families. The launch of a new website was also part of the much larger Sustainability planning at Cornell. To support sustainability efforts (and reduce our carbon footprint), we stopped producing a paper viewbook. The information formerly printed in a viewbook is now fully available online. The university also stopped printing the course catalog and developed a searchable catalog. In many ways, our efforts with sustainability and web accessibility simply reflect the sensibilities of contemporary high school students. We’re finally catching up with you.

If you are a high school junior, you’ll still hear from Cornell. We will mail a small number of items to you, but mostly we’ll be in touch by email and offer opportunities to interact online (blogs and chat sessions).  We’ll also frequently post news and updates in our news section on the web. We hope you’ll visit the site on an on-going basis and make certain we have your email address so that we can contact you.

Here’s a quick guide to using our website:

  • Undergraduate Admissions Office (UAO) website.  The best places to begin are the “Learn,” “Living,” and “Visit” tabs at the top of the page. The information in these sections will help you determine if Cornell could be a good fit for you. Check out our majors, student activities, living options, etc. Once you’ve determined that we have what you’re looking for, you can dive into the other areas. Tip: Application requirements and materials are subject to change from year-to-year. Make sure you check for updated information before you apply.

Allow me to direct you to some additional resources:

  • Financial aid website.  If financing a Cornell education is something you and your family want to learn more about, this site provides useful and easy to understand information.
  • Other resources.  Obviously, you’ve found our blog. We will share a lot of information with you here. If you haven’t already subscribed, please take a second to submit your email address (lower right side). However, there are other places to learn more about Cornell. They include:

If you have difficulty finding something or have questions, please contact the admissions representative for your area. Best of luck with your college search!