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New enhanced version of Adapt-N for 2014 coming soon; public-private partnership

Dear Adapt-N Community,

We wanted to take a moment to provide you with some exciting updates about Adapt-N and our plans for launching an all-new, enhanced version of Adapt-N for the 2014 crop season.

First, 2013 was a third consecutive, successful year in the field for Adapt-N, providing further evidence of Adapt-N’s ability to help growers increase yield and/or lower cost through precision nitrogen management.  This past year’s early wet months were particularly informative for the Adapt-N team, as they were in stark contrast to a mostly-dry 2012.  Since Adapt-N accommodates fluctuating weather, soil, and field practices, many active users were alerted to major rain-induced N loss and were able to maintain yield and profit through precision N sidedress and rescue N applications.  Some growers experienced more than $125/acre in added profit due to Adapt-N’s recommendations.  Field reports also directed us towards better soil drainage characterization for the 2014 version of Adapt-N, which is now in progress. Because of the large number of collaborators and trials, it will still be a little while before we have a complete 2013 dataset to present. We will let you know when this is available.

Second, we’re announcing a new partnership with Agronomic Technology Corporation (ATC).  Over the past few years, interest in Adapt-N from growers, commercial partners, and non-profit partners has far outstripped our ability to meet those opportunities.  In late 2012 we began a search for a commercial partner to help bring Adapt-N to the next level of functionality and availability, while maintaining the scientific integrity of our tool.  We are pleased to have selected ATC, which was formed specifically for this purpose to bring together a team of entrepreneurs, technologists, agronomic partners, and industry experts, to sustain a vastly improved Adapt-N for 2014 and beyond.

ATC will be releasing the all-new, enhanced version of Adapt-N this spring. This will include many usability improvements, new features, and added scalability, designed to further improve in-field performance. Since ATC has no involvement with the sale of farm inputs, our partnership will not compromise Adapt-N’s science or the protection of your data. Instead, the partnership will allow our research team to remain focused on continuing to expand the tool’s modeling capabilities, while ATC’s commitment to excellence, and the software development and customer service experience they bring, will allow them to enhance stakeholder services and collaborations in ways that would not have been possible within a public university environment. They will work with other leading providers and land-grant universities to create integrated solutions that take advantage of complementary technologies.

With this transition, Adapt-N will be taken out of beta mode and commercially marketed.  Foundations, grant partners and growers involved in active research will receive access to not-for-profit instances that will also include new beta-features we are testing before making them commercially available, such as a cover crops module.

The switchover will occur prior to planting for the coming corn season, and all users’ data will be automatically ported over to the new version of Adapt-N. Once the new version of the tool is live, the old version will be discontinued.  Regardless of whether or not you continue using Adapt-N (although we certainly hope you do!), your private data will of course not be sold or rented to anyone!

We would like to thank the Adapt-N community for your interest and support related to the development of the tool. Feedback from users for the beta-testing versions has been critical in helping us make iterative improvements. We will continue this process as part of this new public-private partnership.  We believe that under this new arrangement, Adapt-N will expand its benefits to the agricultural, sustainability, and environmental communities.

We view our new relationship with ATC as a strong partnership, and will continue to be available to users to discuss and answer questions relating to the science of Adapt-N. We welcome all feedback and collaborative research efforts.  You may continue to contact us at (Bianca). The ATC team also stands ready to fully assist you in successfully using the new version of Adapt-N. You may contact them at, and you will find updates available on their new website:

In the meantime, you can continue to enter and update your Adapt-N locations in the current version of the tool to prepare for the coming season. Happy planning!

~The Cornell University Adapt-N Team


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