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_From Prefabrication to Operative Sustainability

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The Adaptive Component Systems blog features work which embodies a multidisciplinary approach to architecture, design and technology. Led by professor Dana Cupkova in consultation with Cornell engineering faculty, this work is motivated by the belief that advances in technology and building systems can positively underpin a creative generative process of architectural design and consequently affect the quality of the built environment on multiple scales.

This blog serves as a pedagogical support for development of digital skills necessary to implement design strategies with dynamic feedback and control. Tutorials and tools were developed by Andrew Heumann ( and David Bosworth ( in collaboration with and the guidance of Dana Cupkova (

This project was funded, in part, by the Faculty Innovation in Teaching Program, Office of the Provost, Cornell University. For details visit: .

_NEW PROJECTS / January 2010:

photo(3)Check out our new projects from the Fall 2009 semester. These systems focused on incorporating a wind-harvesting energy logic as a performative constraint. The wind-harvesting technology was based on vibro-wind power research conducted by Prof. Francis Moon at Cornell University.

Please follow these links for further details: project_Voronoication, project_Funnel Packing, project_Remora & project_Corkscrew.

_Hartell Gallery Exhibition, Cornell University, AAP, September 2009:


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