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We will remember!

A version of the following op-ed appeared yesterday in the Wall Street Journal’s Think Tank section of the Washington Wire.  I am posting the slightly longer version of the piece here.   What’s an effective reaction to Islamic State’s destruction of artifacts housed … Read more »

Artifacts, Assets, & The Limits of Monetization

In a much awaited decision,  US District Judge Robert Gettleman last week provided a summary judgment on a case that threatened to force the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago and the Field Museum to sell vast collections of … Read more »

Doing more with less: Depletion Gilding on the Eurasian Steppe

A recent article in Archaeology Magazine details recent work by David Peterson (Idaho State U) on a remarkable example of depletion gilding on a pendant from the Late Bronze Age site of Spiridonovka II on the Eurasian steppe. “Evidence of depletion gilding … Read more »

Llhuros @ LOL

This gallery contains 2 photos.

This week, the LOL hosted “artifacts” from the Civilization of Llhuros an experiment in archaeological interpretation. via LOL | The Landscapes and Objects Laboratory at Cornell University.

Rethinking fashion, war, and peace

Can costume disarm?  This is a larger historical question posed by Anarchopanda, the alter ego of Julien Villeneuve, a philosophy professor at the College de Maisonneuve in Montreal.  As police attacks on students protesting tuition hikes became more violent, Villeneuve … Read more »

LOL Publicity

The summer edition of Ezra Magazine (Cornell’s quarterly publication) has a great profile of L. Khatchadourian and the new Landscapes and Objects Laboratory. Check out the full article here.

Heritage, Irredentism, Materiality

As described in a recent column in The Atlantic Armenia is opening a fascinating new front in the battle over heritage and repatriation: To the British Museum, she is “probably Aphrodite,” the Greek goddess of love and beauty. To most Armenians, she … Read more »

On Islamic Art

Souren Melikian has an excellent review of “Islamic Art” at the Met here.  The article is particularly welcome as the NYTimes Arts Section has traditionally refused to trouble the staid ground of ancient art criticism.  Michael Kimmelman, for example, a … Read more »

Burden of Proof

    Should auction houses be able to claim that there is “no proof that an object was obtained illegally”?  Or should they be required to provide positive proof that an object was legally brought to market? If I sell … Read more »

The New Antiquities ‘Arms Race’

A two-and-a-half-year-long suspected archaeological fraud involving thousands of forged Greek and Etruscan artefacts, a hospital x-ray machine, a philanthropic aristocrat and a sophisticated network of forgers has come to an abrupt end after police raids late last year on two … Read more »