Here we go

Hey everybody!

I’m the latest (and apparently the only male – see picture) addition to the Life on the Hill crew, and I’m really happy to be joining this awesome group of blogging Cornellians.  Over the course of the year, you’ll get to read about a number of my past, present, and future experiences, and hopefully get a better picture for what Cornell and Ithaca through this little snapshot of my life.

A few things to know before we get started:

1. I’m a senior in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations and a first-year in the Johnson Graduate School of Management.  How?  Because of Cornell’s really cool 5 Year MBA program.  I anticipate this context will clarify a lot of my upcoming posts.

2. I’ve been involved in a number of different facets of Cornell since coming to Ithaca.  These include academic, professional and service organizations, plus Greek life.  I’ll try and devote a few posts here and there to my experiences in these areas.

3. I’m passionate about business (in case you couldn’t guess from #1), whether working on my own startup, helping others build theirs, or working for an established company.

4. I’m a big sports fan, and have been lucky enough to find a great community of like-minded people on campus similarly passionate, either about professional athletics or the Big Red.   Two organizations, in particular, were responsible for many of my friends and extracurricular experiences: Cornell ILR Sports Business Society and Big Red Sports Network. I also fence for the University.

5. I’m looking forward to answering readers’ questions. However, what I will try to do is “batch” questions and address them in a longer post every few weeks.  If there’s a question you can’t wait for me to answer, email me, and we’ll take care of it in an email thread.  Note to prospective students: I’m not an admissions officer, so I can’t tell you how likely you are to be accepted.


This is going to be a great year.  More coming soon.

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