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I fence. It’s a heck of a lot of fun to stab your friends (and enemies).

I started fencing in middle school, began taking it seriously in high school and knew going to college that I wanted to continue with the sport.  To me, that meant competing on a team, fencing at a local club, or bouting recreationally on campus.

Cornell offered the best opportunity for me to fence in college of the schools to which I was admitted. I got to know the captains immediately after coming to campus, one of whom I had actually fenced in high school. Cornell Men’s Fencing, a competitive club team, is the non-varsity counterpart to the women’s varsity program.  While I do not, many of my teammates practice with the women’s coach and their squad as described in this New York Times video.  Our dedicated practices also use the phenomenal facilities of Stifel Salle, located in Bartels Hall.

When we hit the road to compete in the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Fencing Association, we square off against a mix of club programs and established varsity teams, including Haverford, Rutgers, Lafayette, Army and Navy. We also attend the annual United States Association of Collegiate Fencing Clubs tournament, a massive, multi-day event held every year on a different campus.  In general, we do pretty well, even against better-funded varsity programs.  These events are also a blast – they’re basically road trips with friends mixed with competitions.

Joining Cornell Fencing gave me much more then an opportunity to stay active and compete at the collegiate level in a sport I love.  It also gave me a close group of friends, on and off the strip.  Knowing that I can lean on my teammates and that they can lean on me is a wonderful feeling. All united by our mutual love of stabbing.

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  1. This is Really Awesome. I Appreciate your work buddy.
    May you get bigger success in your life…!
    Happy New Year Brother..! 😀

  2. Cornell is a great school! You’re lucky to have been given such an awesome opportunity!

  3. Hi! I am a high school student applying to colleges. I am really into Cornell’s Arts and Science college and was hoping to find the female fencing team. From what I have read I thought there was only a female fencing team however now I see it’s a co-ed team. I am very excited, since I’m passionate about fencing. I want to continue it in undergraduate school however many of the colleges or universities don’t have a fencing team.

  4. I was just doing some research on schools that offer fencing programs for someone and I read your blog. Glad to see Cornell has a great club, I’ll pass the word on…

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