Core Team 20

The Johnson Team Leadership Experience  stands out as a hallmark of my B-school experience.  From the very beginning of the semester, first-years are broken out into highly-diverse groups of five or six.  My group (Core Team 2o!) is no exception to the diversity, with different aspirations (ranging from marketing and banking to entrepreneurship and consulting), backgrounds (hospitality, consumer insights, military, equity research, technology), cultures and experiences.  Every group also has access to a Johnson Leadership Fellow (read: second-year coach).  There is no guarantee, however, that teams will work together effectively.

Luckily, I didn’t need to deal with that concern.  Not only did Core Team 20 get along pretty well, we also found niches where we excelled (design, finance, editing, technology, presentation, etc.) and could focus on ensuring our deliverables were top-notch.  This improved our efficiency and also gave us a “resident expert” we could turn to with questions on their area of expertise.

Each of us had a chance to lead a group project for a core class (I led our Critical & Strategic Thinking deliverable), and teammates provide feedback to each other after its completion.  It was in this area that I was most pleasantly surprised by the group.  Not only did we all put care into writing feedback for one another, I noticed that we did our best to incorporate the feedback into our behavior over the course of the semester.  We also had a trio of case competitions we tackled as a team. I’ll discuss these in the future.

To conclude, a major shout out to Johnson and Core Team 20 for making the Team Leadership Experience a stellar part of my first semester of B-School.  No doubt I’m going to miss having this group of tremendous men and women behind me.

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