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Blogging Across the Disciplines: Integrating Technology to Enhance Liberal Learning.” from MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching Vol. 3, No. 3, September 2007.

Exploring the use of blogs as learning spaces in the higher education sector. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology. 2004, 20(2), 232-247.

Blog Resources

7 Things You Should Know About Blogs (from Educause’s 7 Things You Should Know About… series )

  • A blog—shorthand for “Web log”—is an online collection of personal commentary and links. Blogs can be viewed as online journals to which others can respond that are as simple to use as e-mail.
  • A videoblog, or vlog, is a Web log (blog) that primarily utilizes video rather than text or audio.

ELI Discovery Tool: Guide to Blogging

What Do Students Think?

Why Blog?

Bruns, Axel (ed) and Joanne Jacobs, (ed) (2006). Uses of Blogs. New York, N.Y.: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc.

  • Uses of Blogs is a collection of articles that brings together scholars and practitioners from a wide range of fields to offer a broad spectrum of perspectives on current and emerging uses of blogs. The editors also distribute a glossary of blog- related vocabulary and practices throughout the volume.