Risk, Vulnerability and Resilience

Flushing Meadows Corona Park can be examined using the concepts of risk, vulnerability, and resilience. For the following models, we overlaid data from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) onto 3D models and an aerial image of existing conditions. Select the images below to view in an interactive web viewer. Research Assistants Xiao Shi and Yanlei Feng took the lead on mapping aspects of risk and vulnerability in and around the Park.

The following map shows flood hazard risk in terms of a 0.2% or 1% annual flood risk. Additional maps on flood hazard risk can be accessed for Flushing Meadows Corona Park, as well as other coastal communities around the country using NOAA’s Coastal Flood Exposure Mapper. Former pavilions and landscape features, such as historic trees and benches, are rendered in 3D on the map. Thus, the web viewer can be used to discuss threats to the historic features of the cultural landscape.

This image shows Flood Hazard Risk overlaid on a 3D model and aerial of the site. Select image to view in CityEngine web viewer.
This image shows Flood Hazard Risk overlaid on a 3D model and aerial of the site. Illustration and 3D model created by Xiao Shi and Yanlei Feng. (Select image to view in CityEngine web viewer.)

Note: The CityEngine web viewer works best when viewed using Internet Explorer (IE). Errors may be encountered in using other browsers. We have also noted that the web viewer is operating at its data capacity threshold and may crash, even in IE. We hope for future improvements in the platform!

The following image shows a spatially referenced index of social vulnerability. This data layer was also obtained from NOAA and can also be visualized in NOAA’s Sea Level Rise Viewer. The Social Vulnerability Index illustrates the degree to which areas are vulnerability to hazards and is “based on population attributes (e.g., age and poverty) and the built environment.” The Park is shown as having a low level of social vulnerability, given that it is sparsely populated and has less development compared to surrounding neighborhoods. The park serves residents in nearby neighborhoods that are shown as high and medium high in terms of social vulnerability.

Map of Social Vulnerability produced with data from NOAA's Sea Level Rise Viewer.
Map of Social Vulnerability produced with data from NOAA’s Sea Level Rise Viewer. Illustration created by Xiao Shi.

The following is an embedded CityEngine webscene showing a sea level rise scenario from NOAA’s Sea Level Rise Viewer.

Please note that the model takes a lot of memory to display and works best on an up-to-date versions of Chrome. The model may take a significant amount of time to load into a browser. These issues with the CityEngine web viewer are discussed in the final report.

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